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Ann-Margret & Lindsay Lohan

The '60s Film Star and the 18-Year-Old Ingenue Have Often Been Compared. We Get Them Together for the First Time.

So...do you see the resemblance?
Ann-Margret: Oh, yes. I see a lot of me in her.
Lindsay Lohan: [giggles] Thank you! This is a thrill for me.

And all the career comparisons?
A-M: I'm flattered, really. I mean, she sings, she dances, she acts. I've just seen her all over the place!
LL: It's a huge compliment. I've watched all of Ann's movies.

Have a favorite?
LL: Kitten with a Whip!
A-M: [makes a whipping motion] Yah!

How do you maintain your figures?
LL: [to Ann-Margret] I need to learn from you.
A-M: I have a trainer who comes up three times a week. On Saturdays, my friends and I walk over the hills for three or four hours.
LL: I don't know if I could do that!
A-M: Yes you can.

What is your No. 1 beauty tip?
LL: Stay out of the sun. There are so many products you can use to tan, and it's fun to do that and be girly and get all dolled up.
A-M: That's one of the things that's so different now. All these tanless things.... You have to remember, I'm 95 and she's 18.
LL: You're not 95! [She's 64].

Just what is it about being a redhead?
LL: It sets you apart. There's a certain fire with redheads. A certain spunk.
A-M: We're very spunky.


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