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Auntie, I'm Gonna Be a Star!

The star's dad was all red around the mouth. He had been kissing aunties Hanna and Gunnel. He said: "It's great to be in Sweden. I haven't been here for 26 years.

The star said: "I'm not a star. But I will be one". The star's name is Ann-Margret and she landed on Swedish soil 1.15 PM with her dad Gustaf and mother Anna.

This is what Ann-Margret's first day in Sweden looked like:

- Landing at Arlanda Airport. Kisses all around. Uncle Hasse and Aunt Hanna (Olsson) from Örnsköldsvik met together with Aunt Gunnel and Uncle Karl (Aronsson) from Valsjöbyn.

- Lunch with the family in the suite at Grand Hotell.

- Watching the news on the only set in the whole hotel in the staff recreatin room.

Daddy Gustaf told Expressen: " She (A-M) makes us speak Swedish at home a couple of days a week. She's so proud of being Swedish! She corrects us whenever we say something wrong".

Ann-Margret says: "I'm so afraid that the Swedes will be upset because I speak so bad Swedish. But I was only 6 when we left Sweden".

Ann-Margret came here with her mother and father from London, wher she had greeted Prince Philip, and attened the premiere of 'Bye Bye Birdie'. That film is also why she's here.

Dad Gustaf: "Mother and me will stay untill the first week in January, but Ann-Margret must leave on Thursday. She begins shooting a new major motion picture".

A-M: " "I don't know who my co-star is. But it will be my first dramatic part. There's no song and no music".

Dad Gustaf: "But after that she'll have song and dance again, because that's what she does best!".

A-M: "Shooting should have started November 14, but has been postponed until I arrive back home. The film is called 'Kitten With A Whip'".

"What about the rumours about you and Elvis, I guess that's just a publicity stunt?", the interviewer on the news asked her yesterday.

"Oh, no...".

Ann-Margret intends to buy furniture while in Sweden. Not for hers and Elvis' home, but for the new house in Beverly Hills, she bought for herself and her parents.

Last night there was a big party at Berns Night Club. Ann-Margret probably had some difficulties following comedian Karl Gerhard, making jokes about the Government and other things Swedish.

"But that blonde girl (Cilla Ingvar), she was good".

This morning she got up early and did a sightseeing-tour of Stockholm. She looked at the Karolinska Hospital (where she was born) and Smedjebacksgatan in Gärdet, where she played as a child. At noon she met the press again at a big lunch at the Hotel Strand.


By Åke Cato


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