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"The biggest song and dance artist of the sixties", is one of many names credited to Swedish-born Ann-Margret, who these days doesn't use her surname Olsson. Despite the fact that she is only 22, she's no rookie in the American show business, but with her part in "Bye Bye Birdie" (who opened here last fall) she made her definite and international breakthrough. Now the career is wide open for Ann-Margret.

When Ann-Margret visited Sweden in November, everyone got to know that she was born at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, on April 28, 1941, that she lived with her parents in Stockholm for a year, and then five years in the small village Valsjobyn, north of Ostersund, and that she has just bought a beautiful small house in Beverly Hills, Hollywood.

Maybe we should repeat the fact that after Ann-Margret finished school - she ended after a year at the Northwestern University - she started the group The Suttletones with three friends. That was in 1960. Success came quickly. When the group split up, Ann-margret got song and dance engagements in Las vegas, was discovered by movie producers, was discovered by record producers, recorded an LP, appeared on TV... lots have happened these latest years of her life.

In the U.S. she has been advertized as a sexy artist, and she has received many nick-names. "The Animal" is one of them. Here in Sweden, we can just smile. Sex on film in the U.S. is so much lamer than in Europe, and you almost have to add spicy dialogue to make audiences come to the theatres.

After spending a day together with Ann-Margret, I can say so many nice things about her: She's a charming girl, fun, witty, helpful and amazed by everything she sees, hears and does.

That the girl has managed all the success without changing must be because of two things: one, she is wisely brought up by her parents, and second, that she's just such a nice girl.

Adding to the fact that these color photographs say more about Ann-Margret than so many words. They were shot during our tour of Stockholm and took in sights that she wanted to see.

For Ann-Margret's ALLERS-DAY in Stockholm, Scania Cars had made a special "film-star white" Volkswagen 1500 Special at her disposal. Star salesman Curt Jodelsohn acted as chauffeur.

A-M in front of the house on Smedbacksgatan where she and her parents lived during her first year.

It was very important for A-M to visit at the Karolinska Hospital, where she was born. She had to put on a white robe before entering.

We also had time for a short visit to the Old Town, A-M was totally fascinated with Stockholm's narrowest street, Marten Trotzigs Grand.

A-M wanted to buy a duck at PUB Departmentstore, but soon changed her mind when she saw this genuine Swedish Christmas article. The store's manager gave it to her as a gift.

A quick coffe at the Hospital's cafeteria. Seated next to A-M is Eva Lundgren, her friend from university, now a trainee at the Karolinska Hospital. The man in gray is Nils Persson, head of Columbia Pictures.


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