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First Eddie... Then Vince, Now Elvis...
Is Dick Chamberlain next for Ann-Margret?

The snazzy, light-colored Caddy convertible tail-finned its way onto the MGM VIP's parking lot. The car - Eddie Fisher's. The driver - Ann-Margret. That morning, one of Hollywood's most elusive bachelors crooned sweet words to his beautiful partner. The singer - Elvis Presley. The lovely - Ann-Maggie. And that very same evening a sexy, slightly surly performer kept the Cocoanut Grove spellbound as he directed his love songs to one particular femme. The suave guy - Vince Edwards. His special girl - again Ann-M. How desirable can one girl be - We're not through yet! For at a ringside table, watching Ann-Margret watching Vince Edwards was a tall, blond, nationally-known TV medic. The ladykiller - NEED YOU GUESS WHO?

Dick Chamberlain went to the show with his agent (female) and Ann-Margret was with her agent (male). But those who saw, bet the Swedish dish has made a new conquest. And, as news - especlally the romantic kind - buzzes fast across the Hollywood grapevine, Dick Chamberlain has .already been denyIng "those rumors" lInking his name to Ann's.

"We've never been out together. We work for the same studio. We've talked a few, times. She's a cute girl." Richard opined.

But, obviously, Dick went back for a better look. He was observed "lurking" around the set of Viva Las Vegas - and he wasn't there to watch Elvis. Not with Ann-Margret doing those sultry solo dance numhers. And, Dick and Ann are now taking dance lessons at the same time, the same place, from the same teacher, Dave Winters.

What about that hot, hot, hot romance blazing between Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley? Won't this singer interfere with a possible twosome between Dick and Ann? From the looks of things El and his Vegas Miss are a past item. And, this time, it isn't Presley who kiboshed it!

In the past a crazy-quilt pattern has evolved with most all of Elvis' romances. He'll date his current leading lady, give her a big play all during the filming of a picture. All publicity coming out links Elvis and his co-star so obviously that one wonders if he does it for business reasons to get the film more publicity. 'Tis a fact that soon after the flurry about the film is over, Elvis "loses" his "love" for the lady and is off to other femmes.

But this time his pattern may be reversed. Elvis may be the one losing out with Ann-Margret. He had given up his very serious interest in Priscilla Beaulieu for Ann-M. and now may be finding out that it wasn't the right choice.

Ann-Margret may have used Elvis in the very same way he has used his other leading ladies. Ann is very ambitious and very knowing about the value of publicity. Rumors are, and from eminently qualified sources, that Ann-Margret told a guy who was so interested in her that he wanted to go steady, "Look, honey, even if I'm married, I will have to go out with other men for publicity." Ann's stand really hasn't altered much from the time she said, "I have no objection to a studio telling me who to date. Anyway, I could always have someone, else on the side." She said this when she broke off with Burt Sugarman - decided her career came before marriage. In short, Ann, felt about marriage and motherhood: "I'm not ready."

So, coincidentally, where there's been a limelighted male, there's usually a lighthearted Ann-Margret.

When Eddie Fisher left Rome and Liz behind. Ann was one of his early and most frequent comforters. Their romance, highly touted, was nothing serious, both said. Yet, when Eddie took off for a Vegas trip to see a pal of his who had a heart attack, he sent Ann-Margret this message: "Yuktuhadumday." Swedish for "I like you." Eddie left Ann his Cadillac convertible to use while he was away. Also, while away, he met Renata Boeck, who then occupied the No. I place in Eddie's heart.

This didn't bother Ann for long; she had a short fling with Vince Edwards which included late dates at Au Petit Jean, and fun time - barbecues and water-ski dates - with Presley when both were linked to the MGM film venture.

Of course, Ann doesn't limit herself to men who make headlines-even though it may look that way at times. She's been escorted by less prominent, publicity-wiseguys - foremost, recently, is Jack Gilardi, a movietown agent. Their dates started out casually but have been so frequent lately many people are wondering if they aren't secretly engaged!

Which brings us to Dick Chamberlain. He's "honeymoon" conscious, may even be Ann-Margret-minded. Dick's got a new film (Honeymoon) on the docket for May. He needs a leading lady - Iikes Ann-Margret - and both work for MGM. Naturally, anyone who plays opposite Chamberlain comes in for a fair showering of interest from the press. Besides, who wouldn't jump at a chance to be wooed by Dick? Certainly not Ann-Margret.

Frankie Avalon, a former Ann-Margret date and still her close friend, says, "Ann's a very smart girl. She knows what she wants. And she gets it." With that in mind, Chamberlain and his dance classmate may find themselves pas de deux-ing even outside of lessons.




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