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Watch Out Ann-Margret!

In Hollywood they say Ann-Margret lives up to her nick-name "The Animal". Sure they are used to handle primadonnas who earn lots of money, Ann-Margret isn't there yet, but she's on her way up, and if she isn't careful, she might hurt herself if she falls!

The sleepy little town of Chino in California was in for it's biggest shock since the gold rush of 1887.
A perky and beautiful young lady, with a bare midriff and orange pants blew into town in a shiny sports car with pink fur seats. The car came to a screaming halt halfway up the sidewalk, the driver then ran across the street against a red light.
Her name: Ann-Margret.
The reason she wasn't arrested was because Universsal Studios had hired the police force to protect the citizens from the out of control driver.
She was in Chino to shoot a few scenes for the film "Bus Riley's Back in Town".
Universal had given Ann-Margret the big star treatment. Her back-stage was huge and very elegant, and she had also gotten a luxury-clad trailer to boot, if shooting was to take place outside of Hollywood.
This was the company's way of telling her that they were willing to give her even more if she was willing to stay with them.
"They have been wonderful to me", Ann-Margret said, "and who knows, I just might stay. But at the moment I'm too busy to make up my mind".
Some people say advisors have told Ann-Margret to be cautious, to show studios that she's a star, a person to be counted with.
Why did Ann-Margret refuse to be photographed with Pamela Tiffin? Something gossip writers noticed...
"Oh, that story is just nonsense", she says irritated. "It's all just a misunderstanding. We were shooting Bus Riley, when suddenly this photographer emerges, along with Pamela. He said they were there to take pictures. I hadn't heard a single word about it, and said it had to be cleared through my agent. I thought that was that, but the story reached the newspapers, and was totally blown out of proportion".
Whether or not it's true, people say Ann-Margret feels she has made it big, and she doesn't have to be photographed with pretty up and coming young girls such as Pamela Tiffin.
"We have to protect her face", her agent, Gene Schwam says. "We can't just let her pose with every Tom, Dick and Jane".
Gossip writers find it even harder to keep trackl of all her "engagements".
When a Hollywood writer visited her back stage during a filming, her room was so full of flowers, it looked like a botanical garden. She quickly hid all her cards. Her hi-fi is on constantly, but it's no longer playing Elvis.
Ann-Margret no longer dines with the rest of the crew, she couldn't stand the horribnle food. Her favorite place was a Chinese place, across the street from Universal, called Rickshaw.
She has now left the home of her parents, and moved into a fantastic apartment in Hollywood. It wasn't long ago, she spoke happily about the big house she was about to build for her and her parents. Her now moving out, comes as a complete surprise to everybody, especially since she has trouble boiling eggs!
Old foxes of Hollywood have seen quite a few stars come and go, and they are not worried.
"She's just a kid" one of them said. "At 23 she's surrounded by advisors, managers, fake advisors, fake admirers and hords of publicity people, all praising her. Anyone could lose their head, not just a young kid. But she's gonna make it just fine. She has a head on those beautiful shoulders.
But lately, Hollywood has been careful. She has become even harder to tame. After weeks of continous quarreling with various directors and producers, they have asked themselves if there aren't more pretty girls around, than good directors and producers. And what a pity if they would have to chose!


By Ingrid Clairmont


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