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Why Men Fear Her... Why Women Hate Her

A short time ago, the news came out that Ann-Margret was among the top ten stars in respect to box office pull. No one was very surprised at this news item. In fact, Ann-Margret herself was more surprised than anyone else. "I'm very thrilled and proud", was the first sane comment she made after she had stopped screaming and hugging everyone in sight.

But not everyone was so pleased. A few men were heard to groan and cover their faces with their hands as if "taking cover", and a few women were heard to hiss "that cat - she doesn't deserve it. Who would want to waste good money seeing any of her pictures". It's hard to believe that some people feel such bitterness towards Ann-Margret but it's true. Her friends do not include many females and her relationships with men too often are strained. This sounds as if Ann is a social misfit! And in a way she is, because anyone who reaches stardom as solidly as she has is bound to be set apart from her fellow beings.

Actually, this is a common happening with many stars, but in Ann-Margret's case there are special circumstances. For one thing, not too many actresses are feared. Yet Ann-Margret is, and for some good reasons. She is the kind of woman for whom men really fall hard. Just as some women are swept off their feet by men so Ann-Margret sweeps men off their feet.

But when someone falls for Ann it is often pure torture. As one of her "ex-es" puts it, "I adored Ann-Margret the minute I laid eyes on her. And I really thought she felt the same way. It was just a matter of days before my adoration turned to love. When I spoke of my feelings to Ann I expected her to declare that she felt the same way. To say I was surprised would be an understatement - I was floored when she said she didn't feel like to continue seeing me.

That's when the hell began. I was miserable knowing so painfully well that I loved her and realizing that she cared for me only as a friend. This was one friendship I couldn't handle and when Ann saw this, she called it quits. It still hurts a little even to think about it".

These words are from just one of the many men who have received this kind of treatment from her. Now, in some circles, the name Ann-Margret is taboo; whenever it is mentioned at least three or four of the men plunge into an inconsolable depression and the evening is ruined. In other circles the name arouses great excitement for it is a challenge, and men discuss exactly which strategy they think apt to conquer A.M. But so far nothing has worked, and Ann-Margret goes on breaking hearts (thogh "undeliberately", she claims), and making men miserable.

Sometimes, when Ann-Margret lets a guy know she cares even a little he runs away, panicked at thought of what is to come - namely, the pattern of dating her a few times, adoring her and then loving her and finally being told that she doesn't love him, or doesn't want to get involved, or well, any one of her famous rejections. And yet men keep trying; each thinks that he might be the one to win the heart of this fair and feline maiden who in many ways is still a little girl and lives with her parents.

This domestic situation is very misleadning, for it gives the impression that Ann is very unsophisticated and lives under her parents' roof in order to gain the benefits of their protection and guidance. Therefore, when men call for her and meet her parents and see the way they counsel her to "have a good time and don't get in too late" they think to themselves "Hey, boy, this is going to be a pushover. Just play the family man role and she's yours".

But, oh, how this doesn't work! It is said that "Ann-Margret runs at the phrase 'family' and thinks that men who play the family role are as dull as can be". It's her unpredictability thet gets everyone down. You just never know how she's going to react to a person or situation. One man said "I thought I'd get into her good graces by bringing her flowers one night, but she just quietly offhandedly took the flowers and said she'd put them in some water and promptly threw them in the sink!" Sometimes A.M. has been known to say calmly to a prospective lover "Well, let's face facts. I don't think we really have it for each other. Let's call it quits now".

It's pretty hard for a man to take this kind of treatment - especially if he's a Hollywood actor with that big fat ego so many of them notoriously have. Therefor, it's a really dangerous experience to go after Ann-Margret. Many a big game hunter has had better luck with lions than with this tantalizing tigress.

As for her relations with women, the most anyone can say about them is that they're limited. Ann gets along just fine with the wardrobe ladies on her sets but aside from these women there aren't too many others. For one thing, Ann-Margret just doesn't need cronies and gossip-pals. She prefers to be independent, and besides, she's got her mother to chat with when she feels the need for female company. She has said: "I feel no malice toward other girls - I'm simply not interested in cultivating their friendships. I always try to be pleasant to other women".

But these "other women" don't feel this way at all. There is quite a lot of bitterness in their attitude toward her. They say that they just plain "hate" her, but it's more likely that this feeling is really jealousy. And why shouldn't another woman be jealous of Ann-Margret? She has everything a girl could want, a glamorous position, a lovely home, plenty of clothes, cars, pets, men falling at her feet... The last is probably what most offends women who tend to be jealous because to have as many men as she wants is the secret wish of every female.

The way Ann treats this abundance of men incites jealous women, for as far as they are concerned, she mistreats exactly what they so earnestly desire. She knows that what is most important to them is of little importance to her.

A few women in Hollywood despise Ann for throwing off some particular man whom they would like a chance at. And it must be faced - women are always jealous of each other. It is in their natures. Women are renowned for their fierceness and viciousness toward other females. There are groups in Hollywood who sit around for hours and tear Ann-Margret apart. "She's cheap looking", they've been known to say. "Her hair that men think so beautiful is disgusting and actually dyed. She's a phony..."

It's almost amusing that the very aspects of her these gossipy women criticize are the least true. Everyone knows that her hair is as natural as is her personality. She's famous for her wild, nature-loving ways. But what really annoys the women who already dislike her, is the fact that Ann-Margret couldn't care less how they feel. She's an intense young woman dedicated to a career which already is showing the fruits of her labor, and if on occasion the byproducts of her determination are unpleasant, she says "there's nothing I can do about it".

Which is probably the only way she can handle it, don't you think?

(Ann-Margret is in 20ths "Pleasure Seekers", U-I's "Bus Riley's Back in Town" and MGM's "Once a Thief")


By Richard Callahan


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