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The year's most sensational news story!
Ann-Margret: Is The Swedish Sexpot Headed For Tragedy?

She fell deeply in love with a man who got his freedom to marry her. And she's used to getting what she wants when she wants it. But lusty, impulsive, emotional Ann-Margret may be all wrong as wife.

"I can't believe it", exclaimed a youthful voice. "Not Ann-Margret! Why, I thought she was above that sort of thing!"
"Well now you know", a second voice replied, "She was no better than the rest of them, running around with married men. It was disgusting!"
Did Roger Smith get his freedom just to marry Ann-Margret? The answer is yes. And what's even more surprising is: he's no wolf! His name may be Roger Smith, but don't be fooled by the ordinary sound of that monicker, for he's a most extraordinary guy. He'd have to be for Annie to make such a public display of feelings over him and to take the risks she boldly took.

She and Roger had been seeing each other for a long time, but no one really thought anything terribly serious was going on until just a few months ago when he was doing a show outside of Los Angeles. That was the famous night Ann-Margret went to see him, and about ten thousand people saw the way she looked at him. Of course, there was never any doubt about how he felt about her - no man has even been able to resist Annie - but for the queen herself to feel any emotion, well, that takes a lot of man! And Roger Smith is a lot of man, he's tall, dark, handsome, and strong -the perfect formula. But he has much more than physical attributes to recommend him - every man Ann-Margret has ever dated has been attractive, to say the least. Roger seems to have just that essence that Ann-Margret has been seeking - call it the essence of the perfect man - at least for her.

A couple of months ago, Roger and Annie attended the Academy Awards together. They caused quite a sensation there. When they arrived, in front of thousands of fans on the scene and watching on TV, Roger put his- arm around Ann-Margret and gave her a squeeze to which she responded in no small way. It was as if she had been frightened and embarrassed by all the cameras and lights that turned on her when she and Roger stepped out of the Rolls Royce he had rented for the occasion. Thousands saw her look up and around, and then, as if somewhat in a panic, she looked wildly around for Roger. He was right there at her side with that now famous but then-reassuring squeeze. The moment was all the more significant because Ann-Margret wasn't supposed to be there. Her studio had ordered her to take off for the foreign location of her next film. Her refusal to comply caused a delay in the shooting schedule arid also brought her much disfavor among the big wigs at the studio. But it seems that Ann-Margret was willing to risk the punishment they might have inflicted on her. She later confided to a friend, "I just had to be there with him that night and I'm glad I went, no matter what they might do to me!"

Ann-Margret still drives a motorcycle, a remnant of her Elvis days, and, wonder of wonders, so does Roger! So it's off to the races again for Annthis time with a new partner. She and Roger like to take early morning rides together and they've often been seen driving around the outskirts of Beverly Hills. This is what she's been looking for - someone with whom she could share her interests, not just a guy whose main interest was only in her . Roger has met Ann-Margret's parents and they seem to like him a grat deal too. This, of course, is of prime importance for Ann - for, as everyone knows, she long lived at home with her folks.

Belng a dutiful daughter, she'd never let herself get involved with any man of whom her parents disapproved. As to how they feel about this marrlage, no one knows. As a friend of her puts it, "You can be sure that there have been many discussions about it, but Ann-Margret hasn't said. what was decided, if anything." And actually nothing can be , decided at this point. Roger now has his quiet Mexican divorce. It's a strong possibility that he and Ann-Margret will wed . . . ( they may already be wed now.)

This is the chance a woman takes when she starts an affair with a man in this situation. Ann is a pretty mature young lady, and she no doubt has considered all the alternatives, but if things shouldn't work out - and there's always a chance they might not - can she take the pain of loving in vain ? Some think not. They say, "These are the' best years of Ann-Margret's life and she's a fool to waste them on a man - though he may be a fine person - who may never bring her any sort of permanent happiness. One of these days she'll have to wake up and face facts, and the sooner the better!"

Ann-Margret has an obstinate streak in her and that may be partially because, of this that she's not yet giving up. Maybe her self-pride refuses to acknowlede a defeat. Used to getting everything she wants, perhaps she can't accept the fact that Roger is something she may never be permitted to have at least not forever. But in the meantime, Ann-Margret has been throwing herself into her work. Her picture Bus Riley's Back in Town, was a box office success and will assuredly be followed by many more. Whether or not triumphs of this kind can compensate for emotional losses is something that Ann will have to find out for herself. For the last couple of years, the only gratification she's had has been from her career - and she worked hard at it.

Perhaps by using this same formula in her marriage, she can make for herself some sort of happiness. But on the other hand, maybe she can't. The fame and fortune of Hollywood stars always go up and down. Perhaps by the time you read this, Ann and Roger will already be married. Or perhaps it will have been decided that they never will marry. And of course there's always the possibility that Ann-Margret will decide that Roger's not the man for her at all and will continue in her search for a mate. But the very qualities that have made her a star - her vivacity, lustiness, impulsiveness and animal high spirits; may inevitably spell tragedy for her, in time. The history of Hollywood is strewn with sorrowful examples of beautiful girls who lived too fast, too young, burned their candles at both ends, and, eventually - burned themselves out, some with a whimper, others with a bang.

What does the future hold for this latest of the Golden Girls? . (Ann-Margret is in Universal's Bus Riley's Back in Town and MGM's Once a Thief.)


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