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The Dance the Censors took away!

Swedish-related film-star Ann-Margret, the one who is called 'The Animal', has turned Hollywood upside down by calling a few powerful film producers 'senile old men with moral complexes'. The reason for this is that her film company has censored a part of her latest film 'The Swinger', where Ann-Margret is doing a tempting dance act, dressed in just paint. In the film, only 30 seconds remain of the original 10 minutes filmed. Now, SE magazine shows the parts the 'senile old men' didn't want movie goers to see.

Ann-Margret Olsson from Stockholm has made around 10 films in Hollywood. Critics have hated them - audiences have loved them.

Ann-Margret is a phenomenon in Hollywood. The Diva, who earns millions without - critics say - being able to either sing, dance nor act in front of the camera. Only her agent, the producer, the director and movie company say otherwise.

She's a legend in Hollywood among movie stars. In parts of the world where the U.S. have soldiers, her picture is on more lockers than any other girl.

A year ago she was chosen American Movie Theatre Owners' No. 1 favorite. She was No. 1 at the Box Office. In japan, Ann-Margret and Steve McQueen have won the same awards 2 years in a row.

Critics, journalists and others may say whatever they like about her, but teenagers, young people and also older people all love her films. She has something magic that you can't explain, it's just there.

Several years ago she appeared on America's biggest show for amateurs, 'The Amateur Hour'. It has been running ever Sunday afternoon the latest 15 years. She had no chance of reaching the final. Later she and some friends from the Utrecht High School, in Wilmette, Illinois, tried to break through in Las Vegas. And break through they did. But not through the roof, rather the floor.

Ann-Margret was born in Stockholm in 1941, moved to the county of Jamtland, where she stayed with her parents for 5 years. In 1951 the family emigrated to the U.S., where her father, Gustav Olsson, worked as an electrician, until Ann-Margret's paycheck was bigger than his.

Ann-Margret's parents helped her a lot. It has been said that they worked overtime every night and that her mother scrubbed floors just to get her sing- and dance lessons.

There's a young 'personal manager' in Hollywood called Bobby Roberts, who takes 10 per cent of an actors wages. He saw what others didn't, and he committed himself to her. It payed off, and she became bigger faster than either he or she could have ever imagined. The phenomena of Ann-Margret was born.

Only insiders know how Ann-Margret was elected to sing 'Bachelor in Paradise' at the Oscar awards in Hollywood in 1961. But she broke through like no one has ever done before. She stole the show and became Ann-Margret to 10-20 million television viewers.

Everyone wanted to sign her. All major studios, MGM, Paramount, Columbia and the others - wanted her for movie parts.

Today Ann-Margret is contracted for more films than any other star in Hollywood. She is booked well into the 70s. Her wages are unknown, but it seems that the studios have been smarter than she has. She apparently gets around $500,000 a film, which is consider quite little for a star of her caliber.

Film critics have mixed feelings about her. After 'The Swinger' one critic asked if she really could afford to reveal her lack of acting, dancing and singing in the same film. What everyone agreed on was that she drove a motorcycle very good.

She has recorded 5 albums and about 10 singles - 'Bye Bye Birdie' at its time, was on Weekly Variety's best seller list.

About 6 months ago, Ann-Margret visited Vietnam for 2 weeks. When she left, millions of U.S. soldiers had her picture. Military expertise have never seen anything like it.

Ann-Margret has been rumoured to have been romantically involved with one film star after the other. According to the press, she received a round bed from Elvis Presley.

But she has calmed down. She still refuses to comment on her relation with movie star Roger Smith. But he seems to be her ideal man. They have been together and officially or unofficially engaged a year. Ann-margret goes anywhere just to be near him. About a year ago he gave her a 14-carat wagon of gold. On the panel it says in Swedish: 'Jag alskar dig (I love you)'. Correctly spelled, if only for a dot above the i.


By Lennart Cedrup


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