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How to Catch a Man

Don't despair girls, if your life lacks romance. Just take this love advice from lovely Ann-Margret.

How can a girl make herself popular with the opposite sex? It's not too hard, so long as you listen to the advice of Ann-Margret, who used the popularity secrets she learned in high school to catapult herself and her natural assets into a Hollywood career.

'I'm firmly convinced that true sex appeal lies in the way you feel toward boys or men,' said the very appealing Ann-Margret..

'If you really love being with men, you communicate this under all circumstances. I was 8 years old when we moved from valsjobyn, Sweden, to America. Children at home were taught not to speak unless spoken to, so by American standards I was shy.

"This carried over into high school in Winnetka, Illinois, and I found it very difficult to make small talk. But I could always attract a boy that I liked with a smile.'

What should a girl consider when she finds herself without a man in her life? Said Ann-Margret: 'If a girl isn't popular, she should ask herself "How much do I enjoy the company of men? How much do I really want to please them?" Hidden somewhere in her subconscious are probably scars from a rejection around which she has built up a defensive attitude.'

But what about the girl who does enjoy men, but doesn't have very much success with them?

'An important cause for her failure is probably the other extreme - trying too hard to please. Coming on too strong is unfeminine and turns a man off.

"He wants to take the initiative, to make the decisions. A woman should always guard against trying to dominate the relations with her boy friend or husband'.

How important does she think make-up, clothes and looks are to a woman?

'Oh, very important! Many a wife has lost her husband because she neglected to rretain the image he fell in love with. Always remember what appeals to the man in your life. When he doesn't notice you, beware. It's a sure sign that he is losing his intetest in you.'

And what does Ann-Margret think about the women's liberation movement?

'I have mixed feelings about the much-discussed feminist movement. If a woman knows she is better qualified than a man, she resents being turned down because of her sex. But I feel before a woman usurps a man's place in society she should decide if this goal is going to make her happy.

'I don't believe it will because it upsets the balance of the sexes and in her heart every woman admires and longs to find a dominant male.

'I know I do. Aggressiveness belongs to men, not us. That's the most important thing to remember while trying to catch a man.'


By Monty Ponder


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