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Nothing stops "The Animal" on stage

Ann-Margret, "The Animal", has returned. After her serious accident at the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe, when she fell from high above the stage, she has fought for 2 months to be avble to sing and dance again. Now she has premiered her new show in Las Vegas, and everyone loves it.

After the accident at the Sahara, not many people thought Ann-Margret would ever be on a stage again. But her stubborness and persistance, and with the assistance of husband Roger Smith, she proved everyone wrong.

Her accident occured when she fell from a giant mechanical "hand", high above the stage. She hit the stage head first, and had concussion, five fractures in her face, a broken arm and a shattered knee. Roger was alerted in Los Angeles, picked her up in a helicopter and brought her back to the UCLA Hospital. Doctors doubted she would ever be on stage again.

Today, thanks to a stubborn husband and fantastic plastic surgeons, she's back in front of screaming fans.
Normally, she would still be with her arm in plaster, her mouth full of braces, but the pressure from everyone around her, ahs made her do a much quicker come-back.

Her singing, however, isn't up to par. After having her mouth wired for 2 months, it's hard for her just to open it an inch. She has to use her hands to open it completely. She says proudly:

"Today I opened it 2 inches, and I'm working on the 3rd!".

During her recovery, she's had nothing but liquid food. Problems occured when she suddenly had a craving for pizza. Roger solved it by putting the pizza in a mixer, and voila - liquid pizza!

All the time she has spent extra time working on her knee, which is very stiff. Assisted by a choreographer, they put together a dance routine, which is nothing like the one she used to do. She feels nothing in the left side of her face, and her nose is constantly running.

But Ann-Margret is a fighter. She fights her demons and she fights her nerves. Roger wanted her to wear the same dress that she wore when she fell, even though she felt sick just looking at it. Also, the same song, even though she was petrified just hearing it.

Her calculaating husband Roger Smith, a B-actor, who quit acting when he met the up and coming actress 5 years ago, decides everything.

"We'll launch her very hard", he says, "same clothes, ssame song, will create sympathy and compassion for her". Roger has studied mass-psychology and its input on the wallet.

"Roger probably knows best", Ann-Margret says vaguely.

Privately, Ann-Margret seems to be a family girl who would like to spend most of her time in front of the fire, knitting clothes for children. She's sweet and very nice, and speaks Swedish almost without an accent. This doesn't suit the scheming Roger. His wife should be a sex-symbol, and he has got her press-agents and expensive clothes that have to be paid for. Ann-Margret is show-business, and show-business is something he himself never managed to handle. That's why she has to fight so hard for everything he never managed to get himself.

But Ann-Margret is loyal.

"Roger knows best" she says again, almost mechanically. "He's a born leader, he doesn't want resistance. I will just explode a couple of times this year, inbetween it gnaws me on the inside. That's probably why I have a constant ulcer..."

"But honestly", she continues, like reading a manuscript, "I love being dominated by a man. Roger knows best".


By Björn Benkow


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