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Ann-Margret is coming to Sweden with her dream-show this spring

I hope Lill-Babs helps me

For several years, Ann-Margret has dreamed about appearing on stage in Sweden. Now it will become reality, This spring, she's bringing her show from Las Vegas. "I hope the audience will forgive me, if I cry when I see my mother among them."

"I'm so thrilled to finally be appearing on stage in Sweden, I have dreamed about ever since I first became a star in 1967, and appeared in vegas for the first time."

She's trying hard not to cry when she tells me about her show, which will be at the China Theatre in Stockholm, March 13 through 15.

She very seldom gives interviews, but this time she made an exception. I met her and her husband Roger Smith in their fantastic house at the top of a mountain in Benedict Canyon, where they have lived for some 15 years. The house was once owned by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

The living room shows her personality, pictures, paintings, carpets, pillows, furniture, chairs, everything is in pastel colors. You can also find the odd Swedish handicraft.

One condition this interview took place, was no photography. Stars want to come fully prepared when they meet a photographer. This time she didn't want to do it.

The Swedish star will come to Sweden with an entourage of 35 persons plus her mother Anna Olsson. This includes seven dancers, three singers, six musicians, a private secretary, hair-dresser and of course Roger, who holds it all together.

"I'm so excited", she says. "It's the first time I travel with my show. We have tons of clothes with us, and I really hope the Swedes will like us".

Recently, Ann-Margret has been practising on her Swedish with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, Åke Karlsson. Her Swedish is sensational, considering she left Sweden at the age of 5.

"I knew it then already, that I was going to be a star", she says. "Mother and Uncle Kalle (who still lives in Valsjöbyn), taught me to sing and dance, so for me there has only been one profession.

"I will speak Swedish on stage when I come", she laughs. "If I happen to say something wrong or so, or have to use an English word, blame my mother. Either she taught me wrong or she didn't know the Swedish word herself".

"Somewher in the show, I'm doing the number "Violer till mor". I have known that song my whole life, and I did it in one of my TV specials, that had some Swedish touches".

"I want to go shopping in Sweden. There are more beautiful things there than anywhere else. Our hom is full of Swedish handicraft, but still, I plan to buy so many things. I have to buy carpets for my Swedish kitchen. I hope my friend Lill-Babs (a Swedish singer) can help me out."

Ann-Margret calls Sweden her home many times during the interview, and she tells me she was raised in the Swedish tradition.

"There are so few of my relatives left, so they all mean very much to me", she says. "Uncle Kalle in Valsjöbyn. Almost all are gone on my daddy's side, and I'm an only child".

"I really hope many of my relatives will come to the show, it's all on me! Question is, how do I handle it emotionally?"

"I hope they all forgive me if I start to cry, when I see them all in the theatre".

Ann-Margret has a special wish that she hesitantly tells me. "It would be amazing to meet the King and Queen!


By Lennart Cedrup


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